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The RSPCA is calling for caged egg systems to be phased out in Australia

The RSPCA wants no caged eggs produced in Australia.

A national review of poultry welfare standards is currently underway and the Victorian Government is conducting its own scientific review of caged egg systems.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, CEO of RSPCA Victoria, Dr Liz Walker, supports the review and said the new guidelines have to be informed by contemporary science.

‘The evidence that supports this review into the national standards and guidelines is so important, because it helps us get a realistic understanding of where the science is, where the gap is and where we need to get to.’

Currently around 50-60 per cent of eggs produced in Australia are free range, and the RSPCA is calling for caged egg systems to be phased out.

‘We think that going to free range or barn laid is where the industry needs to go’

Dr Walker said sympathy needs to be shown to the producers who will transition from caged systems to barn or free range systems.

‘There are really significant infrastructure costs for them, to transition across to barn’.

‘I think we are at a real tipping point with the industry because we have come so far, we just have to get through the 50% of eggs and help the industry take the community along, as well as all the manufacturers who are using eggs’.

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