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The salary cap ‘loophole’ that Carlton could use with Liam Jones

A salary cap loophole that could lessen the impact of Liam Jones’ contract at Carlton has been exposed by 3AW’s Sam ‘Scoop’ McClure.

And it appears to be a move open to exploitation from all clubs with bad contracts.

Jones played just nine games for the Blues this season and still has two years left to run on his current deal.

But as McClure revealed on Sports Today, Carlton could potentially delist Jones and then re-draft him as a rookie in a move that would lessen the impact on the club’s salary cap.

‘I’ve checked with the AFL – if that were to happen – his payments for the remaining years of his contract would be outside the TPP (total player payments), unless he is upgraded during the year,’ Scoop said on 3AW.

LISTEN: Sam McClure explains the system on 3AW