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‘The savings are significant’: The move to electric cars to take the burden off rising fuel costs

Futurist Steve Sammartino says Australians will be surprised at how cheap electric cars are in the near future, and in the next eight years there will be very fews cars running on petrol.

It comes as the ACCC urged consumers to “shop around” as drivers feel the pinch of rising fuel costs.

Consumer watchdog says drivers are paying too much for petrol

“I can promise you in 10 years, there will be very few cars that aren’t running on electricity,” he told Tom Elliott.

“If the ACCC and the government really cared, they’d put an electric charging station wherever a car parks, because the electricity is already there.

“We may as well move to electricity as quickly as possible.”

He predicted within five years, Australian drivers will be able to buy a small car for $13,000-$15000 that’s fully electric that can travel up to 500 kilometres.

He said the savings would be significant.

“Wait two to three years, everyone will be flummoxed at how cheap electric cars are to run, and how efficient they are,” he said.

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