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The “significant changes” around alcohol ads set to affect children

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New research says Australian high school students are being exposed to as many as nine alcohol ads every month.

And there’s particular concern around sporting events and how commercials are being integrated into stadiums and on TV.

Fare Australia CEO Michael Thorn said when alcohol ads increase, kids were left exposed.

“If there’s an increase in alcohol advertising and there’s an increase in stories about alcohol, the risks to kids and young people increase,” he said.

“What it does is curate an idea and attitude in our community.

“Our research shows children as young as three recognise drinking environments.”

“Our polls show nine out of 10 parents don’t want their kids exposed to alcohol advertising or brands during children’s viewing.”

Mr Thorn said there’s been a “very significant changes” around the nature of alcohol ads on radio and TV.

“There’s been a shift away from the conventional radio or television commercial for brands,” he said.

“There’s now a much more integrated way of marketing – we’ve seen with sport, the way the brands are positioned electronically within a stadium or brands are attached to a scoreboard.

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