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The solution to the over-crowding on local sporting grounds

Councils in Melbourne are running out of ovals and fields for local sporting clubs to train and play.

In the Bayside area, an increase in interest from local children has led to overcrowding on local grounds, with the council encouraging a cap on the number of junior teams.

But former Bayside mayor Felicity Frederico has told Neil Mitchell councils needed to investigate working with schools to use their grounds.

She said without a solution, children will miss out on the opportunity to play local sport.

“The problem is open space is finite in established municipalities,” she said.

“Councils cannot go and buy open space for ovals because it is beyond their budget.

“Another option is to objectively assess what space is available and is it being used for its best use.

“Look at schools, and to see whether councils can develop memorandums of understanding.”

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Photo: Peter Braig, Fairfax