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The Stage 4 concern that’s keeping the Deputy Premier up at night

Deputy Premier James Merlino says Stage 4 restrictions are necessary to suppress COVID-19, but there’s one element of the tough lockdown that keeps him up at night.

Mr Merlino told Neil Mitchell a suppression strategy remains the goal.

“We need every single Victorian to do their part to get these numbers low by the end of the six weeks,” he said.

“For me it’s about trying to do in six weeks what, if we did not make any changes, would take us four, five or six months.”

But he said the potential mental health impacts are very concerning.

“The impact on people’s mental health …(it) keeps me up most nights when I think about the kids that are really struggling, this is a tough time.

“We’ve never ever gone into curfew in this state. It’s quite extraordinary.”

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