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The ‘staggering’ number of native animals the average pet cat kills every year

The average pet cat kills 186 animals per year, most of them native, new research has revealed.

The study, published in Wildlife Research, reveals that while pet cats kill fewer reptiles, birds and mammals than their feral counterparts, the high density of domesticated cats means they have an even worse impact on native animal populations than wild cats.

Dee Dee labelled the figures “staggering”.

Policy and advocacy manager at RSPCA Victoria, Mhairi Roberts, urged cat owners to keep their pets inside.

“It’s really important, and it’s not just for the safety of our wildlife, it’s also the safety of your cat,” she told Dee Dee.

Ms Roberts said the common measure of putting a bell on your cat to stop it from killing wildlife is, unfortunately, not effective.

“It doesn’t really help,” she said.

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