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How much should politicians be paid? The state government wants to know what YOU think

Victorians are being given a chance to have a say about how much state politicians should be paid.

A remuneration tribunal has been set up and an online questionnaire is asking members of the public about their levels of engagement with local MP’s and the salaries politicians deserve for their work.

Until now, the wages of politicians have been linked to the state’s wage growth figure, with no independent oversight.

3AW Mornings senior producer and former state political reporter, Heidi Murphy, researched what our politicians are currently paid. Here’s what she found.

Victorian politician’s receive:

  • Backbencher base salary: $163,189.
  • Expense account: roughly 8 per cent (around $13,000) of salary.
  • Electoral allowances: $40,000 to $50,000 (depending on the size of the electorate)
  • Travel allowances
  • Car allowances
  • Communications budgets
  • Staying away from home allowances during sitting days
  • Additional allowances for other positions (e.g. speaker, committee member, parliamentary secretary)

Parliament only sits for 45 to 55 days per year, but the job doesn’t end there.

“In your electoral office you can sort of set your own time,” Heidi said.

Out-of-hours commitments to turn up at community events also eat into MP’s personal time.

“It’s not work I’d love to do, necessarily,” Heidi said.

The tribunal questionnaire is open to the public until August 19.

You can have your say here.

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