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The stepson of missing mum Karen Ristevski has allegedly tried cashing-in on her disappearance


The nephew of missing Avondale Heights mum Karen Ristevski has hit out at the 47-year-old’s stepson who has allegedly been trying to cash-in on the suspicious disappearance.

Channel Nine’s A Current Affair says Anthony Rickard asked for 200 thousand dollars to tell-all before the show made what it claims was a fake offer of 50 thousand dollars.

Ms Ristevski’s nephew Chris, speaking on the program, has labelled the move disgusting.

Also alleging Mr Rickard had tried to get Karen and Borse Ristevski to pay for rehab for his ice addiction just days before the 47-year-old went missing in late June.

‘He’s used everyone around him, he’s used Karen and Borse’

‘Karen and Borse have both given him cars, which he’s totally destroyed, money, accommodation, and he has just abused it.’ ? Chris told ‘A Current Affair’