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The story and interview that convinced Ross to take up yoga

Yoga experts say news that a UK woman survived 10 hours lost at the sea by practicing yoga makes perfect sense.

The Telegraph reports Kay Longstaff, 46, was pulled from the Adriatic Sea on Sunday morning after falling from the deck of the Norwegian Star cruise ship as it sailed off the Croatian coast.

It’s been reported Ms Longstaff’s yoga experience, and singing, kept her alive.

Melbourne yoga teacher Bernice Bailey, from the Art of Living Centre, told Ross and John it made sense.

“Yoga is about having a really calm mind and being able to respond in really stressful situations,” she said.

“You can be in any posture. Classically, (yoga) is all about the mind. A side benefit is about making your body strong.

“When you mind is clear and body is relaxed, that’s contentment.”

That interview, and the recent news about Hawthorn footballers Tom Mitchell and Jaeger O’Meara using yoga to improve their performances, prompted a bold statement from Ross Stevenson.

“I’m going to do yoga,” he said.

Burnso: When?

“Today. I will start my quest today.”

We’ll make sure we keep him honest on this one, folks!