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The story behind the Fox and the Lamb(ie)

It’s one of the more peculiar photos in Australian politics.

Why was Senator Jacqui Lambie sitting on the lap of business giant Lindsay Fox?

‘Because he asked me to,’ Ms Lambie told Neil Mitchell.

‘That’s how he wanted the photo taken, so I’m dobbing him in.

‘I’m not sure exactly what he was up to.

‘I think he was getting a bit jovial there, with Christmas coming up.

‘He’s a typical Australian larrikin.

‘I really liked spending time with Lindsay Fox.’

Neil Mitchell today discovered Ms Lambie has an idea, and Mr Fox is very interested.

‘She came seeking some advice about a fast ferry from Tasmania to the port of Geelong,’ Mr Fox told Neil Mitchell.

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The trucking magnate, who has been interested in such a project ‘for about 20 years’, said the ‘Fast Cat’ would be too rough for passengers, but would make sense for freight.

The trip would take about six hours.

Mr Fox said LinFox would be interested in investing in the project ‘as long as it was backed up by the Tasmanian government’.

And he had high praise for Ms Lambie: ‘She surprised me immensely, Neil, because she’s aggressive, she has a go, and she’s fearless.’

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