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The surprising results of McKinnon Secondary College’s mobile phone ban

McKinnon Secondary College says its new ban on mobile phones has been huge success.

And principal Pitsa Binnion told Ross and John of some interesting anecdotal results.

The Melbourne school told 2018 students to lock their digital devices in their lockers this year in response to increasingly distraction in the classroom.

“It’s been fantastic, and I have to say it’s relieved a lot of teachers,” Ms Binnion said.

“It’s just changed the way kids have behaved, especially during recess and lunch, but we found also they were less distracted in class.”

About 20 phones have been confiscated so far, giving Ms Binnion a chance to observe how the phones were being used.

“I was flabbergasted by the amount of notifications by their parents coming through each day,” she told 3AW Breakfast.

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