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‘The survey is clear’: Aussies love working from home

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A new survey has revealed over 80 per cent of workers would like to continue working from home if they were provided enough support.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions surveyed 10,000 workers on issues to do with working from home, with 47 per cent saying they are more productive.

However, it was not all good news with 40 per cent saying they are working longer hours and 90 per cent said they are not being paid overtime for extra hours worked.

Secretary of the ACTU Sally McManus says overall, people are optimistic for the potential of working from home.

“Both workers and employers are wanting to do more work from home, so lets approach it in a way that’s going to be good for both,” she told Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings.

“For office space jobs, I do think there’s a good possibility that way more than half could end up working from home.

“I could see why employers are attracted to it, and workers can see benefits for themselves as well.”

However, there are potential downsides to working from home as well.

“A couple of dangers that are really clearly illustrated in the survey, it’s around mental health,” she said.

“When your work is actually in your home there’s no physical boundary.

“People are finding that there’s an inability to unplug.”

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