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The TAC have some advice for drivers this Grand Final weekend

The TAC has ramped up its drink driving message ahead of the Grand Final with a new campaign.

The campaign asks Victorians to separate drinking from driving altogether.

Ross and John spoke with the Transport Accident Commission Road Safety Manager, Samantha Cockfield.

?’It’s really saying, particularly around the footy season, drinking and driving, they’re better apart.’

‘It’s really hard to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had particularly in those social occasions, bbq might be going and a few friends around.’ 

‘Often in those situations, it’s not a standard drink we’ve been given.’ – Ms Cockfield told 3AW Breakfast. 

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But 3AW’s Tom Elliott has questioned whether the commission is trying to ‘soften us up’ for yet another push at lowering the blood alcohol limit permanently.

‘I get what the TAC is trying to do here – they are right – you can easily have two, three or four drinks (on grand final day) without really realising and before you know it you’re over the limit,’ the 3AW Drive host said.

‘But is there something more going on?

‘Every now and then the proposal pops up to lower the official blood alcohol level from .05, where it is now, to maybe .02 or even zero.

‘I do wonder if that’s what the TAC is trying to get us ready for, to soften us up.’

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