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The three hints prompting Heidi Murphy to predict pill-testing for Victoria

“I predict the Andrews government will introduce pill-testing for party drugs — a trial at the very least. And I reckon it will happen in the next four years.”

3AW Mornings Summer host Heidi Murphy made that prediction this morning on the back of comments from three influential men in recent weeks.

“The unions are starting to sound very supportive of the idea,” she said.

Heidi highlighted comments from paramedics union boss Danny Hill, police union boss Wayne Gatt and acting secretary at Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Victoria, Paul Gilbert.

“These are the union bosses that have the ear of the Premier and government, and I think at least two of them are supportive,” she said.

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“The police union is not backing it as much as the paramedics, but Wayne Gatt has an open mind,” Heidi said.

“It’s not a no.”