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The three things door-to-door salespeople are trained to keep a lookout for

A whistleblower has revealed the three factors door-to-door salespeople are trained to look for, as reported in the Herald Sun today.

Elderly Victorians are being targeted by salespeople who are trained to find them by looking out for “roses, ramps and rails” at their homes.

Gerard Brody, CEO of the Consumer Action Law Centre told Ross and John it’s long been understood these type of salespeople target particularly vulnerable groups.

“The revelations reported today aren’t a surprise to me,” Mr Brody said.

“Australian consumer law does apply to door-to-door salesman which means they can’t mislead you or take advantage of you and in relation to visiting you at home there are additional protections.

“But really I don’t think those laws go far enough.

“Door-to-door selling is a last century phenomenon.

“It’s psychological manipulation in some instances.”

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