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The true impact of the millions Clive Palmer has thrown at THOSE ads

Clive Palmer would have spent $50 million on advertising – as much as the Coalition and Labor combined – during this election campaign, according to one long-time political strategist.

But he’s not the only one throwing money around in almost unprecedented fashion.

Victoria’s seat of Corangamite has emerged as the most pork-barrelled seat in Australian history.

If the Coalition gets back in, it will have spent the equivalent of $26,500 on every voter in the electorate.

Long-time strategist Toby Ralph told Neil Mitchell has wasn’t surprised.

“We’re being bribed with our own money,” he said.

As for Palmer?

“I think the world might have run out of yellow ink,” he said.

Questions have been raised about the legitimacy of many of the claims made on the Palmer United Party adverts, with many “misleading” suggestions.

Mr Ralph said right or wrong, they’d have an impact at the ballot box.

“It does work,” he said.

“It’s so misleading.

“If they were company ads, the company directors would be behind bars.

“They’re constantly in breach of Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act.”

He said political advertising was all about making your opponent look worse than you.

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