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The unusual ideas micro-party ‘whackos and fringe dwellers’ put forward in Parliament this week

It’s the first sitting week for State Parliament after the winter break, and some crossbenchers have returned with some unusual ideas.

Last year, after the Victorian Parliament was elected, Neil Mitchell dubbed the crossbenchers “whackos and fringe dwellers”, and he says they’ve lived up to their name today.

“This lot are beavering away, coming up with unusual ideas that Daniel Andrews might be forced to embrace because he needs their vote,” the 3AW Mornings host said today.

James Talia, 3AW State Political Reporter, said crossbenchers know many of their motions won’t be passed.

“They’re really more to get publicity than anything else,” he said.


Meat-free Monday at Parliament

The Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick is proposing meat-free Mondays in the Parliament dining room… but the Victorian Parliament doesn’t sit on Mondays, so the impact is likely limited.

Does it have a chance? James Talia says no.

Taking disabled parking and pet registration powers away from local councils

Independent Catherine Cumming is proposing taking responsibility for disability parking permits and pet registration from local councils. She wants the permits and registrations to be handled by the state government.

Does it have a chance? “It might have some legs,” James Talia said.

Forcing violent offenders on parole to live within 10 kilometres of a police station

Tanya Maxwell, from Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party, wants to make violent offenders on parole live within 10 kilometres of a police station, and prohibit them from living in areas with mobile black spots.

Does it have a chance? James Talia says it’s unlikely.

“In country areas it’ll be very difficult to enforce,” he said.

Shutting down parliament to talk about Crown Casino

Reason Party’s Fiona Patten tried to shut down the whole Parliament temporarily to debate wetter or not there should be an investigation into Crown Casino and the allegations being made of wrongdoing happening within the casino.

Does it have a chance? No. It didn’t pass.

Make touting an offence again

Transport Matters MP, Rod Barton, wants touting by taxi, rideshare and hire car drivers to become an offence again, with big fines for those caught out.

Does it have a chance? It’ll be popular with many.