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The web seminars teaching vegans how to rationally communicate their views

Online seminars are now available to teach vegans how to put their opinions across to meat-eaters in a calm and logical manner.

The free-to-attend online courses give vegans tips and tricks on talking to non-vegans and structuring a conversation to convince people to adopt veganism.

Founder of the seminars, former hunter turned animal activist Matt Stellino, says most people expect vegans to be amazing communicators, which isn’t the case.

“The knowledge is in their head about why they are vegan,” he told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“But when it comes time to have that discussion they can really struggle.”

Mr Stellino says the seminars aim to teach people how to keep their emotions in check and also detect when others are getting emotional.

“It’s often said vegans are irate or irrational when having the discussion, but it can escalate when two individuals bounce off each other.”

The courses also cover methods to overcoming and talking about common objections vegans may face in conversations.

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