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The woman who brought hough magandie (or hushmakundi) to Married At First Sight

It was about 8.51pm on Tuesday night when Ross and John’s phones started pinging away.

Text messages, emails, Twitter… the notifications were pouring in.


Someone had just used one of the boys’ more unique terms — hough magandie (or hushmakundi to many) — on prime-time national TV show, Married At First Sight.

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The person who said it was Monica, of one of the contestant’s, Sarah, who had in fact recently hough magandie’d her new husband who she had only recently met.

(To prove it, they posted a photo at the scene of the hough magandie on Instagram).

We track down aunty Monica to ask the obvious question: Where did Aunty Monica hear about ‘hough magandie’.

“Ross and John, of course! I listen every day on the way to work!”

“I love that word, I use it a lot!”

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