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The worst of Melbourne and public transport this year

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Police, Metro and Yarra Trams are urging commuters to stay safe while using public transport on New Year’s Eve.

It comes after it was revealed there’d been almost 1000 incidents on the Metro network involving intoxicated or unruly passengers in the last year.

There are more than 9,000 CCTV cameras across the network, including at stations, on platforms and in train carriages. Metro monitors station CCTV 24 hours a day.

Police will have a stronger presence than usual at Flinders Street Station, Southern Cross Station, Richmond Station and Jolimont Station on December 31.

City Loop stations will have extra station staff and Protective Services Officers through the night – particularly as crowds are trying to get home.

Yarra Trams has also released figures, highlighting the worst spots for collisions between motorists and trams.

According to the Transport Safety Victoria Annual Tram Incidents report, in 2018 there were 1,122 motorist collisions with trams, a 37 per cent increase from 2014.

There were also more than 500 near misses according to Yarra Trams.

Melbourne’s CBD has five of the top 10 collision hot spots, with Collins Street being the number one hot spot with 77 crashes in 2018.

Repair works on trams involved in collisions with motorists cost $3.5m each year.

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