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Theives posing as RSPCA officers have stolen 15 beagle puppies in Lara

Thieves have stolen 13 beagle puppies and 2 other fully-grown beagles from a backyard in Lara.

The puppies are as young as 1-day-old. 

A man and 2 women believed to be posing as RSPCA officers came to the Buckingham Street property on March 23.

Ross and John spoke with the owner of the puppies, Alan Jildzic and he says – ‘They (the thieves) claimed there were 2 dead puppies in our backyard and they need to take all the dogs away’.

In a strange coincidence, a REAL officer from the RSPCA came to the house the very next day with a similar complaint.

RSPCA confirmed with 3AW Breakfast they did in-fact receive a complaint about 2 dead puppies at the home.

The RSPCA also want to make the public aware that all officers carry ID cards issued on behalf of minister for Agriculture.

There are currently no leads, but 5 of the puppies are believed to be micro-chipped. 

Police are appealing for public assistance, anyone with information is asked to come forward. 

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