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Therapeutic Goods Administration announces it will continue its ban on nicotine in e-cigarettes in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration yesterday announced it would continue its ban on nicotine in e-cigarettes in Australia.

Yet, there are numerous health professionals who are supporting the idea of putting nicotine in e-cigarettes, including a lobby group, Australia’s New Nicotine Alliance.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, a leading expert in e-cigarettes, Professor Riccardo Polosa from the University of Catania, said nicotine should be available in e-cigarettes.

‘In order to have smokers switch to these products, they need the most comprehensive smoking experiences possible, and nicotine is part of that smoking experience’

Professor Polosa argues that if smokers who are trying to quit aren’t getting their ‘hit’ from e-cigarettes like they would from patches, they will return to smoking cigarettes.

‘The smokers will not feel satisfied by the product and will drop it all together; it will become another story of failure for the smoker which will obviously mean they relapse into deadly tobacco’

Professor Polosa said it’s not a question of whether nicotine in e-cigarettes should be allowed or not, it’s about how much and the quality.

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