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There are already suggestions of dirty tricks being played ahead of the next state election campaign.

The next state election campaign is still more than a year away, but there are already suggestions of dirty tricks being played.

Speaking on 3AW Mornings, Liberal MP Shadow Treasurer and Member for Malvern, Michael O’Brien, said he was contacted via e-mail by someone who wanted to volunteer with his office, but further checks raised some eyebrows.

‘My staff did a little bit more digging…turns out this person had left something on one of their online profiles that flagged they had been a campaign assistant for the Australian Labor Party last year’, he told Neil.

Mr O’Brien refuted the idea the person may just be ‘tasting both sides’ and acting alone.

‘This is a deliberate attempt by the Labor party to infiltrate Liberal MP offices, it’s probably more Inspector Clouseau than James Bond’, Mr O’Brien said.

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