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‘There’s a need for a cultural refit’: Liberal Party veteran calls for gender quotas

Image: The Sydney Morning Herald/ Dominic Lorrimer

A Liberal Party veteran has called for the party to introduce gender quotas, after previously opposing them.

Kathryn Greiner, who has been a Liberal Party member for over 50 years, says she has changed her mind on quotas because of the way sexual harassment claims have been dealt with by the party.

“I was supporting two women who have reported, within the party, sexual harassment claims,” she told 3AW’s Tom Elliott.

“They took their concerns to the top of the Liberal Party structure and absolutely nothing was done.

“To me, that means there’s a need for a cultural refit within the Liberal Party.”

Ms Greiner said the party has failed to keep up with shifting cultural views.

“The culture won’t change until you have more women in there who actually say ‘no, this isn’t good enough’.

“We have not yet fully addressed the cultural shift that has occurred.”

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