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There’s a new font designed to help you remember!

How’s this? There’s a new font that’s been developed by RMIT researchers and academics, designed to help you remember what you are reading.

And it’s aptly called Sans Forgetica.

The idea is it makes the reader pay attention, and therefore retain more of what they read.

Ross: It is an aide-memoire, but it also has the benefit of being a very attractive font!

Typographer and lecturer Stephen Banham told 3AW Breakfast it has been through a rigorous design process to develop the new font.

“This is specifically designed to help students recall information,” he said.

An example of the new font:

Marketing lecturer Dr Janneke Blijlevens said it could be useful in a textbook to highlight definitions and meanings.

“Your brain is used to seeing things that are very easy to read, and prefers that, by putting in gaps it makes you pay more attention to what you are reading,” she said.

Ross also questioned what the BEST font in the world is…

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