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“They had a far less permissive attitude”: Sky News presenter Caroline Marcus on growing up in Singapore

Tom Elliott thinks Australia could learn a lot from Singapore’s strict stance on drug use.

Sky News presenter Caroline Marcus lived in Singapore for her first 18 years, and went to school there.

In an article published in today’s Herald Sun, Caroline details what would happen at her school, and whether a similar approach would work in Australia.

“Basically we’d get pulled out of class if you were selected at random,” she told Tom Elliott.

“You’d have to pee in a cup and they’d send away the sample away to Australia.

“Because if you tested it in Singapore authorities would have to be notified and you’d be dealt with under Singaporean law which we know is very harsh.”

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Caroline said the attitude towards drug use in Singapore was very different to attitudes here, but that’s because the punishment is so harsh.

“Even among young people, they had a far less permissive attitude,” she said.

“If you don’t have the punishment to back it up I don’t think it’ll work.”