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‘They’re definitely out and about’: It’s spring snake season…

They’re out and about.

It’s snake season, with 3AW Mornings callers letting Neil Mitchell know they’ve spotted quite a few of the slithery creatures this spring.

Caller Greg, a snake catcher in the Geelong area, said he’s received numerous calls in the last week.

‘I caught two tigers and a copperhead last week,’ he said.

‘With this weather they’d be coming out.’

Greg advised anyone who spots a snake not to try and catch it, but to call a professional or leave it alone.

Caller Dot was walking her dog in an empty paddock in North Sunshine when she saw an eagle-eyed hawk grab a brown snake.

‘They are out and about and that will be the last time we take our dog for a run up there!’

3AW Mornings listener Janet sent in the above photo of a snake on her daughter’s backyard in Mansfield yesterday.