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‘They’re always on our backs’: Victoria facing a truckie shortage

Victoria is facing a shortage of truck drivers during the state’s boom of major infrastructure projects.

The Victorian Transport Association says the industry has been battling low numbers for years and the pinch is starting hurt.

Association boss Peter Anderson told Ross and John there were a variety of reasons for the shortage, but pay was not a major one.

“There’s a lot of truck driers out there who enjoy a very good lifestyle,” he said.

“It could be the reports that we have a lot of accidents from time to time, and that of course doesn’t bode well for people looking for a forward-looking career in their lives.

“The real issue is we need to educate and train people better.”

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One talkback caller, Luke, 24, said truckies were unfairly pursued by authorities.

“They’re always on our backs about log books, you know, all that sort of stuff,” he said.

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