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‘They’re not on holiday!’: Dee Dee slams whingers in hotel quarantine

Many of the thousands of Australians currently in quarantine in hotel rooms across the country have taken to social media to complain about the conditions in isolation.

All arrivals into Australia after midnight on Saturday are required to spend 14 days quarantined in a hotel in the city they arrived in.

Those in hotel quarantine do not have to pay for their food or accommodation, but many have complained about inadequate meals, no laundry service, and no fresh air.

3AW’s Dee Dee said she’s had enough of the complaining travellers.

“I’m just tired of hearing their whinging,” the 3AW Afternoons host said.

“I understand it’s difficult, but it’s difficult for everyone!

“They are locked up for their own safety and for the safety of the whole country, and we’re all doing it. They are not on holiday!

Dee Dee urged those locked in hotel rooms to be grateful for what’s being provided for them.

“We are paying for our electricity, and gas, and water, and rates,” she said.

“We’re paying for the food that we eat.

“If you are in lockdown in a hotel you are being looked after. You’re not having to pay for any of those things, so please stop complaining. I really think it’s un-Australian.”

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