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‘They’re putting Scott’s life at risk’: Shocking morning on Melbourne roads ahead of long weekend

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It has been a horror morning on Melbourne roads, as the long weekend approaches.

“It’s a really messy morning out there,” Chris Miller from VicRoads told 3AW Mornings.

There have been multiple accidents on the Monash Freeway, a major collision on Eastlink, and delays in the Burnley Tunnel and on the West Gate Bridge.

There’s also a truck broken down on the Monash Fwy, opposite the Huntingdale Road on ramp.

“We’ve got Scott from our incident response crew down there trying to give cover to the truck,” Chris Miller said.

“But we’ve got people screaming up the inside lane, using the emergency lane.

“They’re putting Scott’s life in danger and just really ruining the traffic,” he said.

Chris Miller said drivers ignoring overhead signage were the cause of a lot of delays this morning.

He warned that drivers caught driving in lanes with a red ‘x’ above them will be fined $403 and lose three demerit points – the same fine as if they were driving through a red light.

VicRoads is bracing for a huge weekend on the roads, with roadworks put on hold on all popular holiday routes from tomorrow afternoon until Tuesday morning.

“Easter seems to be the biggest time of year for road trips,” Chris Miller said.

He urged drivers to prepare before their road trips.

“Make sure you’re well rested.

“Check your car. Make sure your lights are working. Make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel. It’s probably a good idea to make sure your roadside assistance is paid up as well.”

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