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This could be the best way to reduce alcohol-related crime in Australia

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Researchers are calling for the introduction of a minimum floor price for booze to drive down alcohol consumption in Australia.

La Trobe University researchers have found introducing a minimum price per standard drink could dramatically reduce alcohol consumption.

No state in Australia has a minimum floor price, except for the Northern Territory.

The former CEO of the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education Michael Thorn says it would be the best way to lower alcohol-related crime and violence.

“Research evidence shows the price is the most determinative factor in how much [alcohol] people purchase and therefore consume,” he told 3AW’s Heidi Murphy.

“In the Northern Territory, we have seen a dramatic reduction in hospital emergency department presentations.”

Mr Thorn says state governments haven’t been brave enough to tackle the issue.

“What the government should do is fix the way alcohol is taxed and then we wouldn’t need to have a floor price,” he said.

“Although, evidence suggests the two working together would be beneficial.”

Mr Thorn says the prices of wine would feel the brunt of the impact if a minimum floor price was to be introduced.

“It would push a five litre cask of wine up from $10 to about $30 and you wouldn’t be able to buy a bottle of wine for under $10,” he told 3AW Mornings.

“We wouldn’t see a change to a majority of full strength beers and it wouldn’t affect on-premise products.”

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