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This could be Victoria’s next big political scandal, and the Treasurer won’t talk to Neil about it

The Andrews Government’s big-spending election campaign could be sending Victoria towards a financial black hole, and Labor won’t answer questions about it.

A report by The Australian‘s David Uren says Victoria could have to spend a decade digging out of the black hole if Labor wins the state election.

The government will have paid about $23,000 per vote if it wins later this month, with spending approaching $97 billion.

But most of the spending is predicated on upswing in stamp duty and the housing market .

“All other predictions, other than the government, say the housing market will go further down next year,” Neil Mitchell said.

“We could be signing up for a massive financial problem here.”

And the government, including Treasurer Tim Pallas, have refused to discuss it.

“The Premier’s out pulling stunts, the marginal candidates aren’t allowed to speak, the Attorney-General’s gone missing,” Neil Mitchell said.

“Meanwhile, Victoria potentially slips into a black hole.

“The red shirts rort is bad enough. They’re refusing to co-operate with police.

“Now, on this absurd spending they’re refusing to co-operate with you.

“This isn’t democracy, it’s a con.”

In lieu of the government answering question, Neil Mitchell spoke with the man who aims to take over as Treasurer on November 24.

Neil: Can they afford it?

Former and Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien: No, they can’t, not without raising taxes, not without raising massive taxes on Victorians. We’ve done some numbers and Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas will be raising billions of dollars of new taxes that will have to come out of the pockets of Victorians to pay for their promises.