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‘This is dangerous territory for democracy’: Neil Mitchell expresses concern over AFP journalist raids

Australian Federal Police have raided the ABC office in Sydney.

The raid is believed to be related to a 2017 story which revealed allegations of unlawful killings and misconduct by Australian special forces in Afghanistan.

Yesterday, federal police also raided the home of Newscorp journalist Annika Smethurst in relation to a story about the government considering extending the nation’s cyber spy agency’s powers to monitor Australian citizens.

2GB’s Ben Fordham has also been investigated.

Neil Mitchell said the raids are troubling.

“This is dangerous territory for democracy.

“It concerns me greatly because you need to get certain information out there, and if you start chasing the sources of that information … well the sources dry up and you don’t get the information that needs to be out there.

“I’ve been interviewed by the Australian Federal Police over the years about leaks. I’ve been told I’m going to be in all sorts of trouble about various things,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

Australian Federal Police said no arrests are planned as a result of the raid.