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‘This SHOULD be the beginning of the end for One Nation’ — but will it?

Neil Mitchell says revelations that One Nation offered to push for weakened gun laws for $20 million from the US gun lobby should be “the beginning of the end” for the ratbag party.

But, instead, the big loser could be Scott Morrison.

Secret recordings have been released of One Nation scoundrel James Ashby discussing donations with the National Rifle Association.

That’s despite One Nation previously backing gun control and pushing against foreign donations to political parties.

One Nation has referred the matter to the ASIO and the AFP, claiming the undercover sting by Al Jazeera was an attempt by the foreign-owned media organisation to influence the upcoming election.

“It’s disgraceful, and should be the beginning of the end for One Nation,” Neil Mitchell said.

“This is ethics for sale.

“It proves anyone who votes for One Nation can not possibly know what they are voting for.

“I don’t like what Al Jazeera did either. But in my view it’s also unethical what One Nation is doing, and that’s more important because that’s who we’re voting on.”

But Macquarie Media federal politics editor Michael Pachi told Neil Mitchell he doesn’t expect the scandal to hit One Nation hard.

“I actually think this stuff works in their favour,” he said.

“I think it’s going to be Scott Morrison and the Liberal-Nationals (who will be most impacted), because there’s going to be more pressure to say they will preference One Nation last.”

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