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Thomas Wrigglesworth, 10, takes five wickets playing senior cricket for Sale

Most cricketers won’t ever take five wickets in an innings.

Even less will do it conceding just nine runs from eight overs.

Barely any will do it in their first game as a bowler.

Still not impressed? Well, Thomas Wrigglesworth is just 10, was playing senior cricket and bowling leg-spin for the first time in a match after ditching the wicket-keeping gloves.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File was alerted to the Sale youngster’s weekend haul against Stratford that would surely make spin king Shane Warne smile.

But father Ian, one of Gippsland’s most decorated cricketers, told 3AW Mornings there was little chance of his youngest son getting ahead of himself after the incredible performance.

‘We were more inclined to talk about the duck he’d made in the morning,’ the former Victorian cricketer said with a laugh.

‘He’s only 10 … He’s having enough trouble getting through grade four.

‘We’re certainly not marking him down for anything else yet, other than getting through primary school.’


Wrigglesworth said Thomas had grown up playing against older people and made the most of an opportunity when it came about.

It was just his second game in the seniors.

‘He’s just decided the leg-spinners were worth a try and pestered everyone enough to the point he was given a bowl and he was able to land them,’ he explained.

We’re tipping he won’t have to ask for a bowl this weekend…

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