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Three-car pile up on the South Gippsland Freeway

Delays are building quickly on the South Gippsland Freeway outbound after a crash at Hallam involving up to five cars this afternoon.

The pile up has seen one car end up almost entirely underneath another.

Sue told Tom Elliott she saw the accident in the right hand lane near the Princes Highway exit.

“There’s been a very nasty accident,” she said.

“The people-mover in the front has had a smaller car go literally underneath it, the people-mover is almost on its nose.

“It’s not actually up its backside, it’s right underneath it!”

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Sue said she could see ambulance, police and fire engines on scene.

“It is extremely slow and banking up quickly,” she said.

VicRoads have confirmed delays are back to Eastlink.

Paramedics confirm five people have been assessed at the scene, with one person being taken to Dandenong Hospital.