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Three easy tips for being happy

Being happy can be pretty simple. 

A new study released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies tracks how satisfied Australians are with their lives, and after 50 is when the happiness index soars

Dr Tim Sharp, adjunct professor at RMIT, told Neil Mitchell three easy tips for being happy:

  • Practicing gratitude
  • ?Exercise
  • Making time for other people

LISTEN: Dr Tim Sharp’s tips for happiness

Professor David de Vaus told Ross and John the study, which collected data from 27,000 Australians over a period of 12 years, showed people are resilient.

‘Basically as you get older, probably from about the mid-50s onwards, the happiness index increases quite steadily,’ he said.

‘Later life in a sense is the best time in terms of life satisfaction that we observed in the study.’

The study also found falling pregnant brings happiness, but the arrival of a child can bring a dip in happiness until a child goes to school.

But Professor de Vaus said most Australians take it all in their stride.

‘In this study, most people were pretty happy, it’s just a matter at some stages they are a bit happier than at other times,’ he said.