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Thursday’s Royal Family media frenzy the ‘anti-climactic story of the year’

Media outlets around the world went into frenzy on Thursday, in what the former host of Media Watch calls the ‘anti-climactic story of the year.’

When all Royal staff across Britain were suspiciously summoned to Buckingham Palace in the middle of the night, social media went into meltdown, speculating whether someone from the Royal Family had passed away.

In actual fact, 95-year-old Prince Philip decided to retire from official duties.

The former Media Watch host, Jonathan Holmes, told 3AW Breakfast our obsession with the Royal family is fuelled by social media.

‘The fact is now you cannot keep a secret for longer than two minutes,’ Mr Holmes told Justin and Craig

3AW’s Justin Smith said, ‘We’re an impatient lot!’

‘Tell us now, tell us now. It’s like kids banging on the table waiting for their dinner.’

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