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Tim Smith refuses to apologise to the Premier, despite rebuke from Liberal leader

Opposition MP Tim Smith has refused to apologise for accusing Premier Daniel Andrews of acting like a “loon”, despite confirming the Liberal leader had spoken to him about using such language.

Mr Smith remains adamant the Premier was being “incredibly cruel” by not allowing Victorians to allow their mums on Mother’s Day.

“We all knew that Daniel Andrews was going to change the rules this week, to some degree,” he said on 3AW.

“Why didn’t he have the decency to let Victorians know on Friday?”

But Mr Smith has been accused of going too far in his criticism of the Premier.

So much so, Michael O’Brien cautioned Mr Smith about his commentary in an interview on Channel 7.

“Michael (O’Brien) and I had a conversation and I have a great regard and respect for Michael, but people are very, very upset with the way they are being treated at the moment,” Mr Smith said to Dee Dee Dunleavy on 3AW.

Dee Dee went on to press Mr Smith as to whether he would apologise to Mr Andrews.

“No, because I think the Premier has gone too far …  and I think Victorians were appalled by his perniciousness in making this announcement today, which he could’ve very easily have made on Friday.”

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