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Tim Wilson shoots down suggestions to move Australia Day

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Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner has shot down suggestions Australia Day should be moved to another date.

But Tim Wilson has backed an idea to recognise indigenous history on another date.

With January 26 just days away, debate has again been reignited about the date and what it means to different people.

Some have called for the date to be changed, due to the ‘invasion’ connotations it has for some Aboriginal Australians.

But Mr Wilson isn’t in favour.

‘Let’s recognise Australia Day, it’s part of our modern history and is a day we should be enormously proud,’ he explained on 3AW Drive.

‘But can’t you also recognise what happened before?

‘Why don’t we have another day where we recognise indigenous history and heritage?’

Mr Wilson suggested May 27, reflecting the 1967 referendum which approved two amendments to the constitution relating to indigenous Australians.

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