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Time for Boyd to get fit: Gerard Healy

As the Western Bulldogs prepare for a significant period without Jack Redpath, it opens the door for Tom Boyd to make a stamp on the competition.

First though, Gerard Healy has some advice for the high priced ruck/forward… Get fit.

‘If I was Tom Boyd, I would go and buy myself ten pairs of runners, set a date, go and knock on Luke Dahlhaus’ door and say ‘Luke, I’m going to shift in with you two weeks after we’re finished’,’ Healy said on Sports Today.

‘He’s not fit enough, he’s got a tank that needs big, big improvement.’

‘If he does do that, he can play that forward ruck role that will give him a chance to be a success.’

Despite dealing with massive blows throughout the season, Healy is excited for the Bulldogs’ future.

‘I think they’ve got a really strong spirit at that club,’ Healy said.

‘If they keep doing everything right that they’ve been doing for that last two years, the moons will eventually align.’

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