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Shopping habits: Time poor Victorians are making fewer trips to the shops

Victorians are heading to the shops less frequently because they’re time poor.

New research from Nielsen shows the average Victorian visits the shops 37 times a month, down from 41 trips per month in 2015.

Of the 37 shopping trips a month, an average of ten trips are to supermarkets.

Dr Jason Pallant, marketing lecturer at Swinburne University, said consumers are increasingly turning to convenience options.

“We’re seeing things like food delivery services and online grocery shopping, and a lot more convenience stores because we are time pressured,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more of the food box delivery kind of services.

“We know that people actually value things that save them time more than any other kind of product or experience.

“We’re very happy to pay more if it makes something easier or more convenient for them.”

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