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Time to ban the greyhound racing: Neil Mitchell

It’s time to ban greyhound racing in Australia, says Neil Mitchell.

‘It’s barbaric. This industry is based on blood,’ he said today.

‘Up to 17,000 healthy dogs are killed each year because they’re not wanted; so 96 per cent of them are killed.

‘The life expectancy of a greyhound is 3.5 years, when the dog should live 10-12 years.

‘7500 are re-housed, which is good, but if you house 7500 per year, every household in Australia will have to take one.

‘Greyhound racing is only legal in eight countries around the world of the 195. It’s time to ban it.’

Passionate greyhound advocate Gordon Lewis said he’d fought the battle for a long time.

‘I’ve first of all set my sights on what’s achievable and I don’t believe that the banning of greyhound racing will be achieved overnight,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘The racing is the perpetuation of the breed at the moment.

‘As you know there really was no domestic greyhounds for many years, and once we can achieve the transition from a racing animal to an acceptance that they are domestic pets, domestic breed then I’d go back and have a look at the greyhound racing itself.’

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