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Titus O’Reily: The biggest cheats in sport

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Writer and sports comedian Titus O’Reily has written a book about the world’s most infamous sports cheats, and he says they all have one thing in common — they deny they did it.

“You have all these people who, whenever they’re caught, it’s not their fault and they’re always innocent,” he told Ross and Russel.

Mr O’Reily says a cheating scandal which unfolded at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics is “one of his favourite stories”.

Ten of the 12 members of the Spanish basketball team, who claimed to be intellectually disabled, actually weren’t.

“They went on to win gold,” Mr O’Reily said.

“Their problem was one of he guys they hired to perpetrate this scam … turned out to be an investigative journalist who probably went home and wrote the entire story!”

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