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Toddler rescued after her fingers were stuck in the bath plug hole at Dandenong

A 15-month-old girl has been rescued after she got three fingers stuck in the bath plug hole.

CFA crews were called to a Dandenong home around 10pm Sunday night. 

Leading CFA firefighter Ryan Vague told 3AW’s Tony Jones the girl remained calm throughout the ordeal.

‘She was a pretty resilient little girl!’ he told 3AW Mornings.

He tells Tony they used every tool in the toolbox, including the jaws of life, to help rescue her.

‘It was good having the family there, the aunty and the mum stayed with her… Kept her quite calm.’

The rescue took almost two hours, plus another two and a half hours at Dandenong Hospital before the iron plug was finally removed from the girl’s fingers.

She was uninjured. 

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