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Tom and 6PR Drive host go head-to-head over naming of world’s most beautiful stadium

Perth’s Optus Stadium has been named the world’s most beautiful stadium.

The $1.6 billion dollar venue won the Prix Versailles for Sports, a prestigious international award which assess architecture and design.

The venue, which opened in 2018, beat four other stadiums from around the world to take out the honour.

6PR Drive host Oliver Peterson and Tom Elliott went head-to-head to find out whether the stadium truly is world class.

“The MCG needs to be refurbished because it routinely hosts crowds over 100,000 people and they wear the joint out,” Tom said.

“How many people does Optus Stadium hold?”

But the 6PR Drive host implored Tom to make the journey west to attend an event at the stadium.

“You can sit over there in your glass tower in Victoria and have a crack at Optus Stadium,” the 6PR Drive host retorted.

“But until you step inside Optus Stadium, there is nothing like it in the rest of the world.”

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