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Tom Elliott accuses Refugee Action Coalition of ‘values transplant’ over Ali Jaffari case

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott has taken aim at the Refugee Action Coalition over its criticism of the Australian government.

He says the refugee advocate group has had a ‘values transplant’ in the wake of the death of an Afghan refugee with child pornography charges.

Ali Jaffari died after setting himself alight at West Australian immigration detention centre this week.

A spokesperson for the coalition, Ian Rintoul, had a fiery clash with Neil Mitchell on Thursday, before ultimately hanging up on the 3AW Mornings host.

Mr Jaffari had been granted a temporary visa, but was sent back into detention once his sex offences came to light.

Mr Rintoul criticised the government and then-immigration minister Scott Morrison for that move.

Tom Elliott said it was ridiculous, and that Mr Jaffari had no place in Australia.

‘The Refugee Action Coalition has had a values transplant,’ Tom Elliott said on 3AW Drive.

‘It is so obsessed with trying to protect refugees ? it wants to protect paedophiles.’