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Tom Elliott and Greens MP debate use of sniffer dogs at music festivals

Tom Elliott has commended the stance of NSW police, for using sniffer dogs to detect drugs on music festival goers.

“This coming Saturday they’re having a music festival called Above and Beyond,” Tom said.

“And the Sydney police have said they are going to employ sniffer dogs there, and any person who the sniffer dog goes and sits down next to will be denied entry.

“Down here we tolerate it, we basically encourage it.

“In NSW, a very different policy.

“Why can’t we learn from our colleagues north of the border?”

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David Shoebridge, NSW Greens MP, told Tom he’s vehemently against drug dogs to be used to deny entry to the festival.

“This policy, I think it’s nuts,” he said.

“Young people pay $100-$200 for tickets to a festival, that the police can steal your property even when their search proves no crime has been committed.

“We know that drug dogs get it wrong between two third and three quarters of the time.”

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Photo: AAP