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Tom Elliott and Rita Panahi discuss advice given to bullied Brighton Grammar kids to ‘stop whinging’

Bullied children are advised to ‘stop playing the victim’.

Resilience coach, Melissa Anderson has advised bullied Brighton Grammar kids to ‘own their part of the problem’.

Tom Elliott sat down with Rita Panahi, he says ‘Bullying is nothing new’.

Rita told of an incident last week at her sons school, her 9-year-old son’s bully challenged him to a fight.

Rita found out and told her son – ‘That’s insane, we don’t solve issues this way.’

Rita’s son felt he had to stand up to the bully, thankfully the Principal intervened and they are now good friends. 

‘What children are lacking is resilience.’ – says Rita. 

‘Everyone is ‘special’… everyone receives an achievement certificate no matter how good they are’ 

‘It’s healthy to be disappointed sometimes’ 

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